A prayer for my friend

Let’s Pray!

Father God; I’m praying for a friend

He and I have been hanging out for a while but lately,

I can tell something ain’t right with him

His feelings seem to dominate how he behaves and everything that he does

He is a self sacrificing brother, enjoys a lot from music and is a very faithful friend but he barely makes any friends cos usually

He finds it hard to express himself

He has a family that loves him so much and I know he loves them back

But they may never know it

He doesn’t know how to show it

He’s been walking around like a wounded soldier

Though on the outside he looks fine

On the inside I can tell that his soul is wounded

He’s been working harder and harder everyday

Hoping that his situation might change

But it ain’t changed yet n he’s breaking up

Lord, I know that he knows you

He talks about you, you know

I just can’t seem to quite understand

Why for the past couple of days he’s not thinking of you?

It’s been a while since the last time he read your word

I can tell he’s trying to run away from all the madness

But he hasn’t been praying either

He says that every time he tries to pray

He gets this image in his mind of how sinful and unworthy he is before you

He feels like he’s too messed up for love

And any time he’s able to pray, it’s like your face is concealed

Help him to be patient until your grace is revealed

Lord I pray that you may open his eyes that he might be able to see beyond the hurt, beyond the pain, beyond the misery that is his life

Help my brother understand that he ought to have died and buried for all the wrongs that he has done but Christ died on the cross and carried them all on his back!

So all he needs to do is Believe!

OH! And one more thing Father

The friend that I’ve been praying about is really me!

Prayer for a friend

Simon Muchendu


7 thoughts on “A prayer for my friend

  1. Such a beautiful poem~thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful gift from God. I pray He fills you with rivers of inspiration so that you will continue to inspire us with more and more of your beautiful poems! God bless you, my friend~Suzanne 🙂


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