How did we get here

How did we … get here

It’s been days now … no jingle

We were to travel … no idea where

We were to take the road south … anywhere

The bags were packed

The phones were fully charged

The nanny … discharged

The kids were happy, very encouraged

The neighbors were conversant of our plans to dodge

The company boss was aware of our desire to indulge

The gears … we would engage

The gasoline needle indicated fully packed

The itinerary was fully booked

The list of restaurants is still hanging on the front door, ticked and picked

You chopped the vegetables

The kids arranged the tables

I grilled the lamb and set the gazebo

On our way, we picked some snacks for the picnic

In the afternoon before dinner we took a walk in the gorge next to where packed

We had some quality time as we stacked

I read you fairly tales and bedtime stories in the campfire

We talked about everything and said sweet nothings

We stared at the stars in the heavens

And watched as the smoke escape into the thin air

I was hoping that we’d see a shooting star so I’d hear you whisper a wish

We expressed our amusement about the repulsive donkey that we say on our way

You told me about the dream house you’ve always wanted to buy

And the many nights you’ve dreamt that you could fly

We reviewed the choices that we’ve made briefly

And about the ones we were forced to make unwillingly

The many situations that we found ourselves in unknowingly

We went through them and covered each and every one comprehensively

We measured our lives based on the moments that went by expansively

We shed some tears on the few that were by so momentarily

We were lost in the memory line up and marveled temporarily

We thanked God for how he’s brought us through, so wonderfully

And how he lingered by our side, so faithfully

We sang some praise and worship hymns, so thankfully

With tears in our eyes we gave thanks to the most high, so devotedly

Then we had nothing to say, so we watched the fire go off, so smoothly

Until you dozed off and got lost in my arms, so gracefully

Then I was left wondering … Honey, how did we get here?

 Simon C. Muchendu


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