Letter from my grave

My life;

It never really made any sense;

From walking from one bar to the other, starting a fight; spending the night in a cell;

To waking up in the morning; living my life in the same pattern; staggering my way home and spending another night in the flowerbed;

There is a emptiness in my heart; and every time I look at the mirror; I ask the same question again; Lord, what is my purpose?

I go to work in the morning; and by the end of the month;

I make lots of money but within a few days; I’ve spent it all; and I can’t even account for a coin; I’m feeling lonely again; lost; confused; I’m back to the borrowing pattern again;

I don’t understand; what is wrong with me?

Everything I touch breaks;

Every move I make turns disastrous;

Everyone I turn to seems to be avoiding me; I’m a MESS;

I’ve made so many mistakes in my life and there is no way of turning back;

I’ve no idea where to start; drugs and alcohol seems to keep me in a world of my own;

Deep inside there’s a lot of anger and hatred;

“Why did God create me in the first place?”

I’m fighting within myself; searching for truth;

Fearing the unknown;

Just the other day; on my way from work; I met this chap and we started chatting;

He told me about Jesus and about his love for me; how he bled on the cross;

He told me that I need to be born again if I have to go to heaven;

I told him that I’ll think about and he promised that he’ll be praying for me

Then he gave me a bible;

When I got to the house; I started reading it;

Genesis 1: I saw God create the whole Universe;

Genesis 2: I saw him make a woman from the rib of a man’s;

Genesis 3: I saw the fall of man; I got more confused so I threw it away;

Got to the favorite joint; took a few goblets of booze and drove myself home …

… that’s when the car rolled away;

I don’t know how I got there but I saw myself in another world, time and place;

I must have been dead cos I saw an angel holding a book;

He looked at me smiled and asked me; “Is your name in the book of life?”

I got to admit; I was taken aback; it has never really occurred to me that this heaven stuff is real;

He told me that the way I lived my life was wrong and my eternal destination was Hell;

And that’s when it dawned on me;

Jesus is real and alive!

Heaven is real;

So I started reflecting back at my life full of regrets;

I wish that I could get another chance;

Then I remembered that the last words I spoke to my wife were unkind

I wish that I could have done things differently;

I wish that I could have spent more time with my family

I wish that I could have told my spouse that I love her every time I talked to her on the cellular

I wish that I could have been a better father to my daughter; I wish that I was there for my son

I wish that I could have spent more time reading and studying the bible instead of watching TV

I wish that I could have gone to church when I was invited

I wish that I listened when they talked about Christ; I wish that I took it seriously

I wish I opened the door when he knocked! Now it’s too late for me;

I wish that nobody I know would ever follow in footsteps or even come to this place;

I wish that my father, my mother, my brothers, my sisters, my relatives; friends, enemies, neighbors and co-workers and everyone that I knew could hear this message;

Mohammed is dead!

Buddha is dead!

Jomo Kenyatta is dead!

Nelson Mandela is dead!


In this life you can only rise or fall;

But don’t be surprised if you fall since you think that God is too small;

There are only two places to dwell; heaven or hell;

There are no shortcuts! and the only way to get to heaven you have to believe;

But not just believing, you have to believe in Christ and in Christ alone;

You only got one heart, one soul, one body and one spirit; one life; don’t waste it;

Put your life in order;

Accept Christ in your life!

… before its too late for you too …

Simon Muchendu


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