Nairobi Country bus … modern day Sodom and Gomorrah!



I heard a story the other day that had my heart running and beating so fast that I thought that I was going to scream my heart out. A lady was travelling uptown and had to board a bus at the famous bus stop commonly known to as the Nairobi Country bus. Before she boarded the bus the conductor asked how much the bus fare and he indicated Kshs 1,000.00. They negotiated and came into an agreement that the fare would be Kshs 700.00. She gave the guy a Kshs 1,000.00 note expecting to get change but what happened was not only cold-blooded but also implausible. When she asked for her change she wished she never asked for it. Over eight guys came from nowhere, surrounded her and started harassing her and threatening how they are going to beat her up and rape her if asked for her money again.

The other passengers were just watching and no one offered any assistance. I honestly never thought that such scenes happen at this time and age and if they did maybe in a box file motion pictures. What had me going crazy was when the knowledge that there was a police woman in uniform who was standing by and was laughing as she watched her being harassed

How on earth do such scenes happen in broad daylight and with a policewoman watching and laughing as if she’s watching Churchill show!

Similar scenes have been witnessed. Another lady had a similar instance at the same place with a male companion who was a cop. The scene was so ugly that the officer had to draw his gun for the perpetrators to leave the lady alone.

Mostly this is what happens include but not limited to

  • They capitalize on ladies mainly since they are assumed to be vulnerable
  • They take your luggage and it is loaded in a bus different from the one you have paid for.
  • Guys have been forced to pay for motor bikes (tuktuks/bodabodas) that they never boarded.
  • Others have been forced to pay for services they never received
  • The mobs are used to rob people off their possessions
  • Many have been beaten and accused for crimes that they never committed
  • The evils that happen in at the Nairobi Country bus and other such bus stages are endless and never-ending.

What’s sad is that our security forces who have sworn to protect our constitution are doing nothing or very little especially with the case of the policewoman who did nothing when she saw this lady being harassed. 

Behold! resident of the Nairobi country bus, you who harass people and rob them off their possessions, you who deny passengers their rights and sexually harass women be warned. For God will bring every one of your deeds to Judgment, every secret thing, whether good of evil. He hears the cries of your victims and he sees your deeds, he who judges impartially according to each one’s deeds will for sure judge you according to your deeds. It is my hope and prayer that you will see your errant ways and turn around.

My heart goes out to anyone who has been a victim of any such evil deeds and I hope and pray that you find comfort in the knowledge that irrespective of all that happened God loves you. May the Lord comfort and give you peace.


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