You will see it … Like I see it

You’ve heard them say you’re not skilled with charm!

You have been called a liability and a problem

You know that they have lost confidence in your knacks

You worry; why can’t I triumph?

You can’t offer your family decent car, or even a decent home

You wonder; why does it have to be so severe?

You desire to be on the team

You know it for a fact; you’re not on the team

You cannot get any further being out of the team

You know it and I know it too, you deserve to be on the team

You can do better than their discouraging thoughts that all you’ll do is embarrass the team

You need to decide which team you’re on and stay on it.

You need to organize your game and let God worry about the rain. He’ll send it when it’s time

You just need to be ready to receive it

You have to stop guessing and start believing, have faith

You know it as much as I do, achieving worldly possessions is too small a vision to live for

Your excursion has been all about you,

You wonder how you can be better-

You only think of how you can achieve-

You have sleepless nights contemplating on how you can make more money-

Your focus is on how you I shine-

You target on how you can be remembered-

You demand that you should be respected-

You need to realize “He put you here for him … not for you”

You’re thinking that it’s all about you … I got to hand to you, you’re losing the point

Your focus should be where your heart is, that’s why you’re here”

Your entire kit and caboodle matters to him so honor him …

Your relationships

Your household.

Your endeavors

Your odd jobs

Your walk and talk

Your point of view

Your respect for authority

Your talents and ability

Your dreams and desires

Your lifestyle

Your all!

You gain, you praise him

You advance you praise him

You progress you praise him

You slip-up you praise him

You fail and fall you praise him

You blunder, you praise him

You give him all you’ve got and let him worry about the rest

You seek him first; all the other things shall be added

You honor him with your actions and your attitudes

You leave the upshots on him

You can do this

You don’t give up

You need stop worrying about what they’ll say or do

You don’t quit until you’ve nothing left

You don’t look back

You don’t back down

You don’t surrender

You don’t yield to defeat

You don’t quit on me now

You give it your best

You give it your all

You give it all you’ve got and all you can

You’re not in control for them others, however

You’re accountable for you

You walk around crushed, so will your team

You can’t evaluate folks by their actions and evaluate yourself by your intentions

You don’t have to live in fear anymore

You may not have the resources, the people or even the time but that doesn’t give you the right to throw the towel

You are more than a conqueror! A giant! 

You can only be a victim if you allow it

Your mind is thinking; Maybe …

You’re not made-up to be here; but you are

You’re not expected to be here; but you’re here

You’ve been told you’re unworthy; but you’re not

You fear you’re not strong enough; but you are

You’re not as fast as you should be; but you’re fast

You cannot outrun them; but you can outsmart them

You feel you can’t see to it; but you can

You’ve worked too hard to walk with your head on the ground

You asked for it, go for it

You will eventually know it, when it’s over, we will all know it …

You gave it your best

You did well

You believed

You kept the faith

You did not stop

You did not run away from the combat

You did not quit

You did not give into your fears

You held on to your beliefs

Your efforts were good enough

You have nothing to be ashamed of

Your God has come through for you; Praise him in all the situations

You will see it like I see it … “The reason why he made you so small and weak was so that he can show how mighty he is!”


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