In my mind


I’m awake, razor-sharp and alert

I hear the buzzing bee

I wonder why my eyes can see yet my mind cannot comprehend

I smell the aroma of the flowers

I perceive the early morning light

I hear the birds singing in performance at the daybreak

I feel the cold breeze as it massages my façade

I taste the chilly waters irrigate

I transpire to inspire before I retire and expire

I long to be a blessing to those in my age bracket



I worry about the blurry results

I pretend to be a monument

I want to stop time, imprison him and seize him in my compartment level against his will

I experience the shakes inside

I touch the shutter button

I identify with moments in time

I weep lets freeze them up little by little

I blubber the moment has forever past

I dream watercolor effects come to life

I try to see all the soft muted edges



I see my team looking up to me

I appear to them akin to all the answers, yet

I have no influence in my county irrespective of how many committees I join

I pine to be in front of the ruler

I desire to chant for the emperor

I advance to this experience in the future

I motivate the ordinary to do the extraordinary

I aim at getting the little things right

I hope that ultimately the big picture will improve

I weep that my that I’m running out of time



I wonder if joy will ever come my way

I hear that only the colossal one can provide it

I have a hard time keeping my sanity so I reach out trying to get in touch with him

I hear his tactics and mine are at logger heads

I yearn to achieve his strength of character

I imagine being tolerable but I’m not

I lay a hand on the sky in my dreams sometimes

I see divine beings roam the earth

I visualize being in their shoes with anticipation

I owe it to myself to imagine it, to achieve it, to experience it



I lose sleep that it’s not going to be the same again

I shed tattooed tears over my woes and fears

I never forget that the sunshine will ultimately come back; its absence is never permanent

I hang on to my conviction

I get organized and structured

I plan, make schedules, take notes and keep records

I learn the art of taking life lightly

I continuously work on my sense of humor

I learn from my mistakes

I sleep well and long enough



I seek to be different and distinct in my own way

I stay focused and let nothing distract me

I am sure to remain calm regardless of the climatic conditions or the state of affairs

I turn ideas into actions

I keep a positive attitude

I know when to switch direction; I’m flexible

I think beyond my immediate topography

I like being smart and fair

I have a perpetual spirit for advancement

I am passionate about what I do



I am capable of anything and everything

I only need to put my mind to it

I daydream with optimism that one day things will adjust in a health manner

I try to keep up but it ain’t painless

I hope that he sees that I am trying

I am only but a branch in his vine

I need to be connected to the source for my survival

I understand that only the supernatural being can accumulate me

I decree and declare that his compassion is remarkable

I experience fulfillment and a sense of achievement

Simon Muchendu


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