The shadow

Even before I ever knew him he stood by my side

He stayed royal, devoted and magnificent by my side

He demonstrates an unusual capacity to grow

Too fast and sometimes too slow


In the morning he stands up taller than me and leaning towards the west

At noon time he leans on me, he’s just the best

He sometimes gets so little that there’s none of him at all to post

In the sunset he’s tall once again, he’s leaning to the east


He likes duplicating his representation as I walk in the street light

And even when I walk through in the shadows of the night

Even though I can’t see his illustration by my sight

I know, he is there, always by my side right?


Late at night even as I lie down, sound asleep

He warms my twin bed

He goes with me: in and out

Up and about


He lifts his hands when I lift mine

Shakes his head when I shake mine

Runs along when I run

Lies down when I do


Everything I did he did

He honors my every command

He’s true to my every demand

He’s royal, closer than a friend


Our association is reciprocal

Our communication is symmetrical

Our friendship is an open volume

Our alliance is an unpacked tome

Over the years I’ve learnt to call him Jim


Lord I wanna be like him;

I wanna be your shadow!

To follow your every command

To keenly and thoughtfully listen to your word

And to adhere to your every demand


Take me as I am;

Hide me under your wings

Pour on me your power and love

And let me see your glory in flames

Cloth me with splendor and your majesty

Cover me with your light as a garment

Allow me to imitate you and your wonderful deeds

All I want to be is like you

Let me be your shadow!




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