Don’t Judge me!

Don’t assume I’m alone cos you see I’m single

Don’t think I’m on my own cos I don’t wear my dingle

Don’t presume I’m a good guy cos you see me dance and jingle

Don’t think I’m antisocial cos you’ve never seen me mingle

Don’t take for granted that I’m a teacher cos I hold my marker in an angle

Don’t confuse me with them others cos we wear a similar bangle

Don’t underestimate me cos you’ve seen some aspects of my life in a tangle

Don’t underrate my potential cos I don know how to illustrate a rectangle

Don’t judge me by what you hear cos sometime what you hear might make you tingle

Don’t rub me the wrong way cos you don wanna see me mangle

Don’t punch me cos you don’t wanna see me prickle

Don’t influence me cos you don wanna see me bungle

Don’t test me cos you don wanna see me jangle

Don’t be up in my business cos we both don’t wanna see things disentangle

Don’t be a pest cos then I just wanna wrangle

Don’t assume I was joking when I wrote this cos I was trying to make things untangle

S. Muchendu


6 thoughts on “Don’t Judge me!

    • for a guy who’s rather new to blogging I feel very encouraged hearing such encourging comments from you. God willing I’ll be sure to keep the fire burning. be blessed. smuchendu


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