Set me free

You knock on my door

I hear you me calling my name; but I doubt

I plague myself in my worries

I gatta confess; my heart is filled with fear

Questions; ranging over my head

I’m I good enough?

I hold the door and open it as you enter

You say thanks and you ask me how my day has been

I seem to be facing my giants but they seem to be getting stronger n stronger

Fear an addiction, pride and envy,

Honestly no one seems to have an idea that my heart is in denial,

Been facing endless obstacles and temptations

My happiness is gone and I walk alone in this world

I’m a wounded soldier

I’ve heard of the saviour and I’ve heard that he bled and died;

But I don’t know if he knows my plea and that enemies surround me

They’ve come down

right on my doorstep

They’re taunting me

tryna take over my life

My mind is playing games

feelings of defeat, loss and shame

my mind is all about lust

my body is all about thirst

I gat nobody to trust

I’m made of nothing but dust

I don wanna hold on to the past

But I still seem to be caught between a hard place and a rock

My road is rocky n tough

I feel like I’m walking from here all the way to Iraq

If only you would come to my rescue

Cos I’ve heard that when you rise up the mighty tremble in fear

And I know that only through Christ will I be victorious

So I surrender to him the bondage of fear,

The bondage of tears,

the bondage of lost years,

The bondage of addiction;

the bondage of pride;

The bondage of denial

the bondage of envy;

The bondage of slavery;

knowing that my price was paid in Calvary;

When Christ closed his eyes on said that it’s over

I am comforted knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord

And that everything happens for a reason

Trouble comes but for a season n that one day the struggle will come to an end!


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