The empty Space

I am alive by your grace

I was lost, but now I’ve seen your face

I took your hand when you welcomed me to your palace

I’d never thought of someone so nice

I know I’m okay in your embrace

After so much running, you gave me peace

You fed me with your word … sweeter than rice

And told me not to worry, you feed even the lice


Your life you gave up to pay my penalty in a sacrifice

Accepted me as I was even after I was rejected by my race

Some who hated me and treated me as a menace

I felt so weak and consoled myself in my solace

My troubles were so many like the offspring of mice

And in my pocket I didn’t even have pence

Life had no sentence


Drugs and alcohol couldn’t fill the absence

In fact it only led to violence

I had a void that no one could replace

I even engaged myself with girls looking for romance

But none of the activities filled my heart … not even once

My sinful ways were hard to denounce

My sins I couldn’t clean even with dentifrice

I was never clean even after eating spice

Tried to pray but no word could I pronounce


But your touch made all the difference

You called me and saved me from my defiance

You rescued me from the sin governance

For once in my life I felt safe in an instance

And you gave me the opportunity to have a breathing space

Now, in my heart I rejoice

Thank you for fill up the empty space



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