I wish I could go back

I wish I could go back

Before I had odd jobs and bills pay

Before I had to go to toil and find my way

Before I had a boss, an apartment and responsibilities

Before I had examinations, inspections and calculations

Before I had to groundwork, homework and assignments

Before I had expectations, prospects and predictions

Before the relationship between me and her started

Before I knew right and wrong

Before I learned to walk and talk

Before I crawled and stood on my feet

Before I was born

Before I was a fetus

Before I was conceived

Before they got married

Before my parents met and fell in love

Before Paul and the Apostles

Before Christ was born of the Virgin Mary

Before Daniel and the lions

Before David and Goliath

Before Samson and Delilah

Before Moses and Pharaoh

Before Joseph and his brothers

Before Isaac and Rebecca

Before Sodom and Gomorrah

Before Abram and Sarai

Before Noah and the Ark

Before Adam and Eve ever sinned

Before it all started!

I wish that I could go back

Back to the sixth day when they were created



I wish I could go back … back to the garden of Eden

I wish that I could go back

Simon C. Muchendu


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