We are one, we are a family

Here you will find love

Here you’ll feel complete

Here you’re never alone

Here you’re have a lot to be thankful for

Here you’ll find a connection that never ends

Here you can share your fears

Here your tears will be wiped

Here you have a home

Here you will find safety and peace

Here you will find truth

Here you will find loving hands

Here you’re never alone

Here you will create memories

Here you can laugh

Here you can be yourself

Here you’re never judged

Here you are free

Here you have a friend

Here you have someone to lean on

Here you have a helping hand

Here you have all the support you need

Here there will always be someone who has your back

Here we will always care

Here even when we fight its never for long cos love always abides

Here there’s always hope that the wounds will heal

Here we acknowledge that time and life is precious

Here we acknowledge that love is stronger than hate

Here love sprinkles like a fountain

Here we believe in the power of prayer

Here we believe in an all powerful and a forgiving God

Here we believe in second chances

Here we are one

Here we are a family


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