All I need is one …

All I need is one,

One God, one Lord, one life, one pen, one paper, one rhyme book

One prayer, one wish, one hope, and one petition,

One coke, one joke, one cake, one rake and one mic

Yes! gimme just one melody, one candy, one buddy, one felony and one custody

All I have is, One voice, one noise, one exercise, and one bag of rice

One case, one vase, one suprise and one compromise

If only I could make my one way to paradise,

One way away from all the parasites,

One surruoding with only one lady to be my one wife,

One blessing, one child; I mean one boy n one girl

Oh hold UP! … maybe more than one

One heart, one soul and one spirit

One church, one family,

One religion, one communion

One royal friend by ma side in this journey that’s life

One song and one wrong

One name and one hymn

One claim and one theme

One breath and one growth

One dame who remains the same

If I could have one plot and one lot

One shot and one clot

One cot and one pot

One thought and one reflection

One notion and one motion

One airline and a hairline

One tower and one power

One flower and womanpower

One chapel and one scalpel

One giver and oh! Many receivers

One sorrow and one quarrel

One dove and one love

One feeling to make me human and one to help me keep my sense of humor

One voice that can be heard on all the corners of the world;

One challenge to keep me on my toes and one to keep away my foes

One suggestion and one decision to make

One horse and one mouse

One course and one clause

One lesson in one session

One wish and no depression

One way towards your revelation

One shop with no inflation

One world and no aliens

One word of encouragement in the absense success

One path through the wilderness;

One light during my wickedness;

One muscle in my weirdness;

One respire when I’m breathless

One prayer to be Fearless

One glow when I’m Faithless

One life that is painless


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