My Daughter, welcome to our world!


Let me take this opportunity to be the one to say this

“Daughter, welcome to the world”

This might not make sense to you right now but hey!

I thought it might be a good idea to write it in your honor being my prayer that one day you will benefit from this

They say experience is the best teacher;

What they didn’t tell most of us is that the experience doesn’t necessarily have to be yours;

So I will try to put mine on this paper with the hope that you’ll benefit from it

Life is good, divine, wonderful and beautiful; it’s made of moments;

We all have an obligation to make it better and we have no business taking it for granted;

Life is a privilege; to waste it is sinful!

We are born, we grow, we age and then we die;

We come in all shapes and sizes; we have diverse varieties of skills and abilities, thus making every one of us matchless and remarkable

In your case, you came in wet, covered in streaks of blood, and coated with a white substance; your shoulders and hips were narrow, the abdomen protruded slightly;

Your arms and legs were relatively short

Upon arrival on this world they made you cry;

You weighed 2.85kgs; they checked your vitals and the celebration begun;

They wiped you, wrapped you in a towel so beautifully;

I stretched my hands to embrace you;

Our eyes met, I looked at your mother and smiled; filled with emotions, I almost cried;

The journey begun; you were breastfed and nursed, honored and celebrated eminently;

I could tell by then that you were curious of this new experience and everyone looked the same;

In the first few months you were able to make basic distinctions in images, distinctive sounds, smell, flavor, contact, warmth, and awareness of tenderness

You followed your mom with your eyes as she moved around you;

You dozed off when soothed by rocking;

You were fascinated by the realization that you have some accessories that can move, we call them hands and legs

You distinguished between familiar people and strangers

You experienced emotional attachments especially with your mom

You rolled over, crawled, sit up and stood-up on your own

Your mouth has some milk teeth, you’re biting already

All of a sudden I had to keep my toolbox away; the screw drivers, the spanners and the razor blades; the match sticks and the knifes; the pills and the drugs; you can reach all the things I keep on the top ledge; you’re opening drawers now and your curiosity is growing wild

How did you grow up so fast? Now you can stand on your two feet, run, walk backwards, jump on one foot and walk up and down the stairs.

I give thanks when I see you respond when I call you by your name

I watch you wave bye-bye when I leave for work in the morning; you start tantrums when you realize I’m leaving, but I will be back when my errands are complete

You smile when you see your image in the mirror, Say a few words, respond to restricted  commands, you get uneasy when separated from your loved ones; you can express yourself

You can feed yourself now; I bought you a bicycle, I hope to see you ride it down the street

You have made a few friends and I can hear you call them by their names when you hear them playing next door; I smile when I see you play with them;

You can sprint in a straight line and I see you dance to the melody playing in the stereo

You get jealous when you see your cousins sit on my lap

You are possessive with your toys, highly mobile; you have broadened the sphere of your activities; you even have an imaginary friend!

The other day we took you to your grandma and she spoiled you, had you feeling like the luckiest kid alive, answering your every call and complaining when she heard you sob

You surprised everyone how you related with each person;

You had fun with your cousins, uncles and aunties;

Amazing! You have successfully managed to interact with the society at large and day by day you are getting ready for formal learning and training

I have noted your extensive ability to focus while you’re watching the TV; you can put it on and off, you know how to operate the remote controls;

I procure you more cartoon and animation movies and your mama brings you teddy bears and baby dolls;

In no time you are already going to school; your mom fears that you’re not ready to roll with the big kids; but to everyone’s surprise; you can run faster; you can jump higher; you can sing along with the stereo; you can color pictures, assemble tools and model toys.

How amazing! Soon I know you’ll be memorizing bible verses; I’ll be teaching you how to pray; you’ll even be attending Sunday school

Sometimes you are just stubborn and we have to pinch your cheeks and spank you cos we love you; you want to have all the sweets and candy you can keep your hands on; we are disagreeing more and more cos we are concerned about your well being.

The future holds a lot for you

It breaks my heart to let you know that I don’t have all the answers;

That sooner or later I will have to let you go; in a few years maybe

That you will have to find your own way and establish your place in this world

You will have your own experiences and not all of them will be painless;

Some people will hurt you and break your heart

Some will use and abuse you

You will sometimes feel alone and abandoned;

You will experience pain and despair

In this world you will have trouble

You will sometimes be required to stand and fight for what you believe in

Not everyone means you good;

You will have your own taste of good friends, bad friends and demons

And sometimes all will come in the same package

But when you have a sad experience

Be miserable for a day or two, write a few sad songs and poems

Cry if you must; always remember that pain may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning

Always find the strength within you; learn from your mistakes and move on

Learn to forgive and forget, it is for your own good

Travel the world, make friends along the way

Be kind when presented with the opportunity to do so

Conversations should go like

I ask about you, you ask about me

I tell a story, you tell a story

I comment on yours, you comment on mine

At least show equal interest

And just because I’m asking you about yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you are interesting, I call it courtesy, it’s what humans do, we are social beings

We relate, we love, we feel deeply, we connect, we network

Learn to have to take life in a serious manner

But be sure have a sense of humor

Never give any less than your best

Work hard; plan ahead, make schedules

Take a few notes and keep records

Always remember that it is certain that things will always change, sometimes in a negative manner; I can’t promise that things will always work out;

Save for the rainy day

Learn to function in your dysfunction

But be sure to enjoy the fruits of your hard efforts

Remember that the happiest people don’t necessarily have everything; they just make the best of every opportunity;

Capture the little moments in life; get yourself a camera;

Learn to play some instruments;

I pray that you will be able to find a true friend who will accept you for who you are

One who will be able to separate the wheat and the chaff, embrace the wheat and throw away the chaff!

Be true to yourself; stay true to who you are

You are a master piece

You are an icon

You are destined to do great things

You are the leader of the pack

You have complete control over your actions

Don’t dwell on the negative

You are a God’s masterpiece

Talented, blessed, destined to reign,

You are who God says you are and can do what he says you can do; and that is all things

You will accomplish your dreams

Avoid being defeated by your thoughts

You have big dreams and you will achieve them

You can do anything; you are attractive, above average, programmed by the almighty God;

You can break all addictions,

You are confident, free, and healthy;

You dream big, you are the head not the appendage

When in defeat know you are not defeated

You are blessed with a lethal swing

You are a daughter of the Most High, GOD!

You are blessed!

Your territories are wide and extended

You are highly favored!

You are prosperous and successful!

You fearfully and wonderfully made, created in God’s own image

You are loved!

You are called out of darkness in God’s own light

You walk in the light, your sins are forgiven

You are free of all sicknesses and diseases

You are made alive in Jesus and he has promised you that …

Your every tear shall be washed away;

You will experience death no more, nor crying, nor mourning nor pain anymore

In Jesus Name


S. Muchendu©


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