I believe!


I was looking for a brighter day

And if I hadn’t seen it probably I wouldn’t even have believed it,

Some of my friends even went ahead and said I’m bugging out.

See, I didn’t always like the process; but I’m happy with the results

You changed my whole world and you did it right in front of my eyes.

You got me in a daze

I’m looking at you and wondering how did you do it

I don’t understand your ways or your time;

but when I put my trust in you; everything is alright

Thought I was doing alright before I met you,

Little did I know that I would need you more and more?

You came along, made me realize that everything I believed was a lie

And everything that you’ve done for me is always more than enough

I never knew that I would be so secure in your arms

And for the first time in my life

I Believe!



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