Y’all my family

They were seven of us all kiddy

Jake, Lloyd, Tim, Sid, Ben, Eddy and Buddy

Seven turned into six after the loss of Eddy

Six became five when Tim was employed overseas as a saleslady

Five became four when Lloyd moved upcountry

Four of us now; struggling to make ends meet all mardy


Jake’s struggle is getting bloody

His divorce was a tragedy

Left him all scruffy and raggedy

Hoping his daughter can see that he’s trying to be a good daddy

Fighting for her custody

Most of his time is spent with her; all goody goody

Praying she grows to be a respected lovely lady


Adventurous and foolhardy

Sid’s talents constantly came in handy

Athletic, a hockey player: all bandy

Nonetheless unstable and moody

The only one who managed to go to college and study

Life to him is all speedy

A daily hustle for someone trying to be somebody


It’s 9am and you can find Buddy sited at his gambling spot already

Beardy and untidy

Appearing sleazy and shabby

Got his hands on the knot; extremely needy

Told him so many times, Buddy, this is shady!

But it’s sad; observing that he’s getting greedy

Sipping on his brandy

As he listens to the tune of the melody


We all admit, Ben was always nerdy

Had a soft spot for comedy

But she’s slightly toady

She minds her own business and fears nobody

She may be forthcoming and trendy

But she keeps to herself and avoids places that are crowdy


Been friends since childhood

Playing childhood games in the neighborhood

Different mothers yet we’re family in all unlikelihood

Birds of a feather, flocking together

As one, none of us is ever alone or afraid

United we stand

Against whatever life throws at us

Accepting each other for who we all are

Our attributes and our flaws

Our beliefs and our faults

Our true colors out in the open

Our admission of our weaknesses

Our achievements and our frustrations

Our dreams and our realities

Y’all my family


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