Heaven … I wonder?

If you looked up while in heaven, is there a sky?

Does it have stars shinning late in the night?

Does the heavenly sky have a sun?

How about clouds?

Or flying eagles?

I wonder …


I wonder …

How old is God?

Does he have a beard?

Does he grow grey hair maybe?̴

How soon will it take me see him?

Will I see him immediately upon my arrival?

Or will I be required to wait in line and for how long?


I wonder …

How many angels are in heaven and do they ever dream?

Do they imagine goldmines at their backyards?

Are they all friends or are some strangers?

Do they have feelings and emotions?

How wild is their imagination?

Do they have pests and pets?

Do they reside in towers?

Do they grow flowers?


I wonder …

Do heaven dwellers enjoy poetry?

Do they write, re-write and recite them?

Do they ever take time to recite some of mine?

Do they have any questions that still remain unanswered?


I wonder …

Are there seasons like summer, winter, autumn and spring?

Are there towns, cities, rivers, streams and lakes?

If you throw a stone up, does it fall down?

Do they even have stones to throw?

Is the air fresh and invisible?

Is it ever cold or warm?


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