The man across the street

Man too

He refused to pick up when he heard his call

Largely cos he knew in his heart that he had dropped the ball

It was hard for him to walk with his head held up high and tall

Thinking that it was over and he didn’t think he’d be given a second chance at all

The first time I met him he was headed to the downtown mall

Dressed in a ragged coat, a beaten hat and a torn overall

He had a cut right next to his right eyeball

He appeared like he had hardly slept and if he had it was in the open dewfall

He needed to be high just connect with his rainfall

I heard him say he felt like his back was up against a solid wall

He was unsure of making a move cos it seemed he was headed to his downfall

And although he needed help, he didn’t know who to call

Everyone minds their own business after all;

Life was moving on like a fastball

And every move he had made seemed to have a firewall

It appeared he was running right to his downfall

From the pan into the fire down to his pitfall

I tried to converse with him hoping he would hear my outpost

I desired to enlighten his intellect; to let him know that all was not lost

I could tell that all he needed was affection and a guidepost

Just a little show of love and perhaps his direction he could adjust

So I offered to buy him some breakfast

So off we went to the restaurant

I was hoping that he would open his heart and we could talk

So we talked about politics, joked a little and watched a mad man in the street catwalk

Though he never opened his heart I could tell there was wide of the mark

But I was glad we had that talk

I my heart I prayed and wept that he would meet Jesus and make him his friend

He who is good and his love endures without end

He would open his eyes, his heart and his mind

He would tell him that it was for him and others like him that he left his throne

He gave up his tiara, his home and his crown

He dwelled with us and he became one of our own

He would let him know that it was for our sins that he bled

His blood has the power to sanitize our sins and that’s why it was shed



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