Journey of the lost

You can find them by the roadside

They’re lost in an expanse of time and space

They’re like lost souls with no significance

Emptiness defines their existence

Bound in a never ending story that turns out to be their life

Surrounded by friends who talk endlessly about themselves!

Canopied by artificial comrades that they barely recognize

Searching for a scene that they’ll never get to glimpse

Wedged up like high-speed automobiles.

On a journey of self consciousness

Waiting for a lifetime that never exists

Jovial on the outside

Howling on the inside

Blinded by their own pride

No star to steer them

No sense of direction,

Obsessed by fear as they go by

Existing but not really living.

Gloom is their light,

Pain is their plight

High on cheap liquor

Nonchalant to their reality


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