Don’t take it away


When I set to write this, the idea was to complain

But something changed. Allow me to explain

I was going to ask you to take away the rain

But then I observed that I have always best learned through pain

I was going to say that it appears that my hard earned money is just for paying my bills

Then I observed that you have blessed me with endless skills

As a result I’m able to recompense my bills

And my family eats and dines to their fill

I was going to whine that nonbelievers seems to have it all

The monies, the bunnies, the honeys; name it all

Then I remembered that I am an alien

I can’t feel at home when everything around me is foreign

I was going to say that I’m giving up

That my strength is gone and I’ve lost all hope

But then I remembered that I’m not the only one

I’m not on my own and I’m never alone

I was going to tell you that I have no reason to hold on

Then I remembered on the cross, it was for me that you held on

If you didn’t do it I wouldn’t have anyone to look up on

There wouldn’t be hope; there would be no life, I would be empty and alone

I was going to say that I have been giving my finest

Yet I see no fruits for my hard sweat

Then I learned that all things work together for my own good

The good, the bad, the ugly and the open-ended

I was going to ask that you take my life

That you erase it all, my name, my existence and my strife

Then I felt the love of the people that you have brought into my life

My daughter, my unborn child and my beautiful wife

Right there and then my mourning turned into joy

The idea was to mourn but now I rejoice

The goal was to complain; now I celebrate

The ambition was to protest; but now I express joy

The end result turned to be more beautiful that I had imagined

Believe me now I know, through this hurt and rain

I am made strong and in the end I gain

I ask do not take it away, let the pain remain

Through it let me have my domain

Only give me the grace I need to stay alive and survive

Until in your gates I arrive



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