We as Africans!!



They say we live in the bush

Declared to be animals,

Presumably referred to as monkeys

It’s been said we waste away

And that we dwell in trees

Ours is branded the ‘Dark Continent’

Our tap water labeled as a disgusting flow

I say you better watch what flies out of your mouth

Or I will hijack a plane and fly it into your house

Our colour black as we know it

Doesn’t make us who we are

Our heritage does

We’re organized in families, clans and tribes

Each unique and matchless

We are unsurprisingly religious

We love life and are very hospitable

We take care of each other and yearn for harmony

Despite all the tutoring of the mind

Largely against our ethnicity and religious conviction

We haven’t lost touch with our homeland and our culture

We take pride in who we are

It’s displayed everywhere for all to see

In our devotion, recitals, and our songs

Our tales, proverbs and wise sayings

Our environment and ecological landmarks

Our myths, legends and customary events

Cos we …


© smuchendu


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