So far …

Pen ..

It all began as a thought

A desire to make an impact

A yen to see some aspects of this world change through me

I set out on an assignment

But I had no idea that my vocation would also change me

I took a pen and a writing pad

I set to write my poetic feelings

But I couldn’t find any inspiration,

It seemed that he was not in attendance,

Probably out on a vacation

I found myself in an expanse of time and space

Night after night; I lay in my embrace

I waited and I waited in disturbance

Yet somehow optimistic

That someway; somehow; I will fulfill this vocation

In my wits I would travel

To a world that didn’t exist

I would arrive and we’d meet

He would call me by my name

And the void would be filled

I never knew his name

Or from where he came

But with him nothing was the same

I just knew it: I was home

And no longer under a distress dome

Something about him was holy and divine

Cos he gave me a feeling I couldn’t define

Just a thought of him and I’m fine

I yearn for a similar sensation for my bloodline

I wish to read it; if only once in their lifeline

I could tell that he understood

I was convinced that he could see under my hood

All my life since my childhood

All the way through my adulthood

And in all likelihood

He told me that he was looking, for ordinary beings

People willing to do, extra ordinary things

To soar like eagles, in their extra ordinary wings

Out; on freedom undertakings

And just like that, his assignment became my number one priority undertaking

In my musing I reflect on him

In my library you’ll find me exploring to know more about him

His word in my heart as I peruse through the theme

I hear of his deeds; as I listen to the hymns

And it is my entreaty; that he can be seen in these nursery rhymes

Though I did know his name

He has revealed himself to me

And my desire to make an impact

Is reflected when I will tell of his story to humanity

And my yen has become my veracity



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