Strange clouds

strange clouds

I wish you had like a physical office

That way I’d just march in and we’d talk face to face

Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like you’re in a hiding place

Probably then you’d answer my endless questions

And I wouldn’t walk this life like I never had clear directions

Cos I would talk to you and I would see you reactions

I wonder if we’d talk, or is it all in my mind?

My plea seem to be one sided

Did what I crave ever matter?

Why do you have to be so far away?

Or rather why do I feel so far away?

I just can’t find my way

I’ve no clue what plans you have for me

And yet obedience is what you demand of me

Is this what is to be of me?

To go, with no clue of where I’m headed?

To dream, but to never see any of these dreams happen?

Aren’t you the one who put them in my head?

Why would you do that?

Only let me imagine …

But never get to experience …

Nothing is clear

It seems pointless

All I see are strange clouds



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