All in my wooden Desk

priest listening

Everyday I sit behind this wooden door, flanked by a wooden casement

My clientele sits on a wooden seat on the other side of the partition

They open up and tell me of the felonies they have committed

The various commandments they failed to abide by

The mischievous sprite they’ve been facing

The ungrateful and unappreciative bosses

The associates who became adversaries

Their fears, their pain and their gloom

Their disputes and disappointments

The relationships they have had

The unprotected sexual deeds

They seek to be pardoned

They crave for happiness

They desire forgiveness

They inquire about joy

They yearn for relief

However …

On very rare and exceptional occasions

As I’m sited behind this wooden door

I have a handle on contentment

I listen to positive reception

I witness gratification

I observe satisfaction

I hear thanksgiving

I examine pleasure

I hear appreciation

I experience love

© smuchendu


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