Son, always remember

son 2

You’re an apostle, yours is to deliver;

Learn to give before you receive.

Teach yourself to be open and sincere;

Honesty is the best way to disarm the guarded.

Be unassuming and compassionate;

Kindness breaks down even the most stubborn adversary.

Get rid of greed and selfishness;

Learn to judge your moves by the effects they have on others.

Discover and learn from others;

Nevertheless, make your own decisions.

Remember, people may tend to agree with you politely;

Yet deep inside, they resent you.

You need two things to survive in this skill;

Your word and your specialty.

Be a man of your word;

Stand for what you believe in.

Choose your battles intelligently;

Make your decision wisely.

At times you’ll have more to be angry about;

Keeping it to yourself will do you more harm than good.

Normal people reach out to friends and family;

That door is always open.

Be true to yourself and your networks;

But know that the truth is generally seen, not heard.

Actions may speak louder than words;

But the most powerful persuasion goes beyond your actions



2 thoughts on “Son, always remember

    • Thanks for the clarification jameslantern. I totally agree with you. However, the context was slightly different, These lines are drawn from the last words from an elderly man to his heir. He’s referring to being kind to others. Thanks for taking time to read and your comments.

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