Surviving the times

All in the is pursuit of happiness

He’s lost in a synthetic ocean

Hungry, skinny and lean

Days so cruel and mean

He closes his eyes hoping to doze

But nightmares move to and fro in a trapeze

Late one night while standing under the moon

Waiting at the alley for a friend to pick him up

Hoping for some dinner and a conversation

A squad car passes by;

They assume he’s slugging drugs cos he’s hooded up

In his defense he said he’s good guy trying to stick around for his daughters

And just like that he watches his boat capsize

The plan was to knock him out of his game

Throwing dirt on his name

Freedom or jail; all he does is question;

Is living and dying a lesson?

With no sufficient evidence he made out of the court free

The judge said he needs a job, nothing is free

He smiles: Looking out into the street I watch him walk away into the night.

Now he’s back to where he never left; these unforgiving streets! It’s a shame!





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