Women, equal partners!

Happy women’s day to my lovely wife and daughter.
To all the women in my life mom’s, sisters, friends, followers and the list goes on …

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When man first sinned he was cursed

He was to get his daily bread through his own sweat

That defines our breed

It is how we were trained

It is hard wired in our DNA

That a man’s role is to hustle

He’s required to build up

And he’s expected to shield and protect …

In my custom

Men were evaluated by their hard work

By their ability to make their own way

Their capacity to protect their own

By how they looked after their wives and children

To their women they were conquerors

To their children they were a good example

But somewhere along the way, things changed.

Women become their own heroes

Did their men forget how to be heroic?

Maybe they didn’t wanna be protected anymore

Maybe they didn’t feel protected

Maybe it was out of grief

Probably women hungered for something more

Whatever the reason,


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