The man

He’s the man, not because he was born a male

Or because of the heavy cross that he carries in his pants

Not because he’s known of taking care of his own

Or because he fits a definition


Not because he wears pants

Or rather because he knows the reason behind wearing ‘em

Not because he never harbors his manhood

Or because he never questions it


Not because he barely cries;

Especially not in front of his daughter

Or because by no means does he exhibit weakness

Especially not to his enemy




2 thoughts on “The man

  1. I read your comment on my post from yesterday but when I clicked on it I couldn’t find it. As i turns out, apparently I retitled it to “Why you should care more about your health”. So it isn’t showing up on my site. But I wanted to respond to your comment so am doing it this way.

    I am so-o sorry to hear about your daughter. What a scare. But so glad she’s OK now. We just can’t be vigilant enough when it comes to monitoring everything that happens in a hospital, an urgent care, a doctor’s office, everywhere.

    Don’t know if I said it in that post but I was a hospital chaplain for a number of years and that’s why I probably feel as strong as I do. I learned a lot, not just about death and dying but hospitals and patient care. The squeaky wheel gets oiled. I think you might have been a squeaky wheel that night. 🙂

    Do you love the United States. (No, I’m not suggesting our medical system is better. Just wondering.)

    God bless and BTW, I love this post and it is certainly right on target with what you’ve just been through.

    God bless you and your daughter.


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    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Your post was a true eye opener. My girls is doing very well and she has resumed her studies. I’m encouraged knowing that all things work for the good of those who love God.

      Again God bless you and your family and may he continually be your ever present help.


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