Broken pieces

Whatever these are …

Maybe these are just broken pieces seeking for someone to put ’em together

Maybe these are just naked words falling down on a paper

Maybe these are random thoughts scribbled in the form of a letter

Maybe this is frustration fighting for listening ear

Maybe this is disappointment wondering is there someone here

Maybe this is a falling tear

Maybe this is a prayer

Maybe this is a broken heart expressed in the form of a broken spear

Maybe this is a voice from within crying out “where are you my dear?”

Maybe these are rich men confessing that the riches still don’t fill the wear and tear

Maybe this is beginning wondering where is the start gear

Maybe this is destiny wondering about the when and the where

Maybe this is the past still wondering whatever happened there

Maybe this is the future telling the present that the time is now and and the place is here

Maybe this is just but a broken instrument: in need of his grace and seeking for the hands of the greatest




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