Same old

I didn’t go to class today

And the same thing happened yesterday

Cos I’m out trying to make some money today

I sure hope that I’ll make more than I did yesterday

By doing the same thing that I did the same again today

The same way that I did it yesterday

But I pray for different results today

Than yesterday

Cos I’m wise today

I assumed that I know more than I did yesterday

So I’m doing the same things the same way I did them yesterday today

But expecting different results than I did yesterday

But everything looks the same today

Matter of fact; things are worse than they were yesterday

Cos I got a new bill in the mail today

And I still haven’t cleared the bill of yesterday

So I borrowed some cash and I clear the debt of yesterday

And I promised myself that I’ll live within my means today

And things will be better than they were yesterday



3 thoughts on “Same old

  1. Things don’t change because we want them too, they change because we change them. Good luck with the work but school would teach you how to enrich your life by being able to lift yourself out of poverty. I hope you can make it any way you can, you and the millions of other children who work because they have to xoxo

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