Strangers in our house #1


Another day

Another dollar

You’re busy like bees

Up and down you hustle and bustle

You buzz and she hums

In the hope of giving us a better life

You want us to have what you never had

What is that we wonder?

Cos you’re up and out the door before dawn

You left us sleeping

The ‘help’ got us ready and we were off to school

In the evening we go to bed before you’re back

When we’re lucky to see come home early …

We’re too sleepy to even say goodnight

You briefly read our diaries and smile

Teacher Cindy and Joy indicated that our homework was done

But it never occurred to us who did it …

We had the ‘help’ anyway

Come the Friday …

Business meetings and drinking sprees

You reward yourselves for work well done

On Saturday and Sunday, the game is the same

And we’re busy playing video games

The big screen is an excellent friend and babysitter

And you’re busy sleeping and nursing your hangovers

You’ve been working the whole week anyways…

We wonder how expensive is you time?

Cos none of us can afford it!

You ask me, how did end up with a strangers in your house?

We ask why do we expect oranges?

Yet we are made of lemon seeds …

How do we expect us to be different?





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