I have conquered the world!

Simon Muchendu’s Blog

Son; I am the creator of the heavens n earth

I am the one who was; who is; and is to become

The alpha n omega,

The beginning and end

And I see every lil’ thing that you do

I see when you smile

I see when you cry

I see when you rise up

I see when you lie down

And want you to know; your life is my biggest concern!

I know who you are

I know who you want to be

I know where you’re from

I know where you’re headed

In fact; I knew you way before you were born

I gave you that life that you keep on complaining about!

Did you know that I can take it back as I please?

And who told you that you can put your trust in a man or even yourself?

Who lied to you that life is…

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