Dear dad


If I was to give your job description I would say that you were an expert of all trades; you were a teacher, a preacher, a lecturer, an architect, an engineer, an electrician; a carpenter, a mason, a plumber. You were a driver, a mechanic, a farmer, a Jua kali operator; You are an investor, an executive director, a Chief Executive Officer, a financial planner, a procurement officer, a security manager.

You were the judge and the executioner; The lawyer and the prosecutor; with hands as hard as a pillar when I did wrong; yet soft and tender when I needed affection; You the master gardener who tended to every shoot; removed every wildflower; and placed me in a frame of opportunities;

You made understand that the sky is the limit when you sat there next to me as a young boy with a pen and a paper and gave me a hand with my schoolwork; If you were not the man that were to me, I wouldn’t be the man that I am today!

I hope and pray that one day I’ll be great a father as you were and still is to me. Love you dad!

With love; your son!


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