Behold … All things new!

god is real

I have a dream

In my dreams I dream of a place

Existing beyond the dimensions of both time and space


A place where actions don’t have consequences

And the choices don’t have repercussions

A place to which alone, no one can travel

Yet there exists a way


A place where there’s no more suffering

And there’s no more pain and affliction

A place where death doesn’t reside

Where tears are never shed

And no one ever bleeds


A place where we will neither marry,

Nor be given in marriage,

But we’ll be like the angels


Yes; I wanna go to that place

Where the family never gets hungry

Where nobody ever get sick

And the bodies never get weak

Where no children are born

Where nobody ever gets old

And the weather never gets cold


Yes, I have heard of a place

Where there is no sun

No moon and no sky

A place where there is no darkness

A place where everything is bright

And the ruler is the source light


Help me out; I’m looking for that place!

Where all that dwells is peace

And everyone’s heart is at ease


Who knows of that place?

Where the sun never gets hot

And the rivers never get dry

Where no one ever gets thirsty

And the weather never gets nasty

And the life is never hasty



Who has heard of that place?

That is governed by a spiritual rule

And only the spiritual beings dwell


Tell me, I want to know of that place

Where the Most high has established his throne

And the heavenly beings sing, dance and celebrate … all … day … long


Yes, I wanna know the means

Show me the way to that place

Point me to that direction


Let my lips taste of its water

Let my nose smell of its air

Let my ears listen to its music

Let my feet dance of it melody

Let my eyes see of its splendor

Let my fingers touch of it flowers

So soft and so tender

Let my feet step on its path


I dream of dwelling in that place

Show me how

How to get this skeptical mind of mine to believe

And let this treacherous heart to perceive


How to get this doubting brain to conceive

How to let this trembling spirit to receive


Yes I wanna go to that place; that place where no one can imagine what it’s like,

I wanna see that place; just like I read about it; that it will exceed our wildest imaginations.

I dream of the day that that place; will be revealed to each of us in glory

And he who is sited on the throne will say

Behold I am making all things NEW!



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