proudly Kenyan


It’s the forty-seventh largest country in the world

It lies between 5o North and 5o South on the latitude

And 35o and 42o on the longitude

It neighbors’ five beautiful countries

Somalia to the north-east

Uganda to the west

Ethiopia and Sudan to the North

Tanzania to the South

Its home to over forty communities

Rich with wildlife savanna grasslands

Diverse wildlife reserves

Home to the Big Five African Beasts

From the central region you find the Mount Kenya

From a distance, the three peaks are visible

All located towards the center of the mountain, so incredible

They appear as if they’re hanging from the heavens

White clouds surround them from all the angles of elevation

The clouds make the lower part of the mountain invisible

Some white matter is evident

It must be snow, I’m confident

A home to endless beasts

From the mountain originates River Tana one of our greatest streams

Endless tributaries flowing downstream in screams

Providing over fifty percent of our electric power

Offering water to over a million people …

And a home to endless sea-life, hippos and crocodiles

This is our home

Proudly Kenyan



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