In relation to …

Lets see if I can introduce myself as a poet …

I am professional and solutions provider in the field of Procurement and Supplies Management,

I am a religious family man and a recording artist

The second born son in a family of four, a father and a husband

I am also a poet …

Writing poetry is what I perfect

So when you see me quiet

Don’t mistake my mind for being unable to reflect

God put some lyrics in my diet

Libretto in my intellect

So it’s not something that I can object

By the grace of God I exercise this ability to reflect

Sometimes it’s not what people expect

Most times I’m seen as a suspect

Other times I’m denied my respect

Often times I’m able to collect, correct the incorrect, and connect

I put my essays in articles on my blog and identifying with them has an effect

I aspire to inspire your intellect and prospect, what did you expect?

I hope the words I’ll put together in this blog will have a positive impact

The word of God is what i desire to reflect in my subjects!

Be blessed


4 thoughts on “In relation to …

  1. Loving the truth in your poetry. Very real and moving. Also love the tune ‘Take me as I am’. It makes perfect sense to me. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Keep doing what you do best. Blessed be to you.


  2. For someone who’s rather new in the bloggers world I am extremely moved by your inspiring words. Taking time to also visit and read my blog is really appreciated. Thanks n be blessed.


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