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For the love


Out of the desire to create a mastermind

Our minds are ever visualizing

We hope that perfect sentences will simply flow

So with pens and pencils in our hands

We scribble towards excellence

At the end of it all we take a look at the words

We glance at the images and the pictures

Never missing a subsection that’s inferior

A line or two almost always falls short

Yet we keep on scrawling

We write, rewind and rewrite

The love keeps us going

Love kind of does that

It opens our eyes and we sees beyond the imperfections

Beyond the faults and the inadequacies

Through it we see beyond that which lies ahead of us


I have conquered the world!

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Son; I am the creator of the heavens n earth

I am the one who was; who is; and is to become

The alpha n omega,

The beginning and end

And I see every lil’ thing that you do

I see when you smile

I see when you cry

I see when you rise up

I see when you lie down

And want you to know; your life is my biggest concern!

I know who you are

I know who you want to be

I know where you’re from

I know where you’re headed

In fact; I knew you way before you were born

I gave you that life that you keep on complaining about!

Did you know that I can take it back as I please?

And who told you that you can put your trust in a man or even yourself?

Who lied to you that life is…

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He could be coming back tonight


There is coming a time in God’s divine intervention

When He is going to once and for all do away with Satan

And with the fallen angels that followed him

As well as all of them demons

All the wickedness will be destroyed

He will divide the wicked and the righteous

Enemies freeing from his righteous blaze
He will deal with them all at some point.

And his kingdom will be forever established

I’m glad to know that he could be coming back tonight!

Giving in


Broken pieces

Shattered on the ground

Scattered all around


Tossing and turning

Grief addicted

Overwhelming outsider feelings

Strugling to pray

Feeling distant

I give in, put me back together


Fed up


In your strive for flawlessness

All your rigidity causes me to stress

And your risky signs of over persistence

Overwhelms me with turbulence

You are excessively perilous

And I lose sleep correcting your mistakes

You procrastinate hoping soon you’ll achieve readiness

Instead of improving and giving your finest

You see mistakes where there’s success

I’m drained giving excuses on your performance

Often times being around you makes me bilious

Cos you’re unreasonably impolite and impetuous



With God as the primary cause

Neutral like clear water rising through

The fusion of two gametes

Body cells multiplying

Subsequently a new organism if fashioned

An impartial tiny ball

As if it’s floating in space

A clear white substance surrounds it

In a drift of silence

A new being is created

just in case …

old age

If we could trade places?

And we met in a common place …

Would I still be a familiar face?

Would I count on your warm embrace?

If our differences would somehow resurface?

Would you still love me the same just in case?




3 simple words


Is it an infection that infects you?

Or maybe it’s a parasite that bites you

Is it in the air that we breath?

Or maybe we swallow it while we eat

I wonder if it’s a plague that hits you

It’s more like a fist that hits you

Cos it hurts whether its right or wrong!

It makes you miserable yet it’s beautiful

It makes you go crazy yet feel amazing

Can be as simple as 3 words

Or as complicated as the universe itself

This thing called love…





the problem

She said her name is inspiration

Who knows about her?

Where can one find it?

Where are her quarters?

I need her contacts!

I beg you help me find her

Been running towards her

But the closer I get the further she goes