3 simple words

This thing called Love …

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Is it an infection that infects you?

Or maybe it’s a parasite that bites you

Is it in the air that we breath?

Or maybe we swallow it while we eat

I wonder if it’s a plague that hits you

It’s more like a fist that hits you

Cos it hurts whether its right or wrong!

It makes you miserable yet it’s beautiful

It makes you go crazy yet feel amazing

Can be as simple as 3 words

Or as complicated as the universe itself

This thing called love…


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proudly Kenyan


It’s the forty-seventh largest country in the world

It lies between 5o North and 5o South on the latitude

And 35o and 42o on the longitude

It neighbors’ five beautiful countries

Somalia to the north-east

Uganda to the west

Ethiopia and Sudan to the North

Tanzania to the South

Its home to over forty communities

Rich with wildlife savanna grasslands

Diverse wildlife reserves

Home to the Big Five African Beasts

From the central region you find the Mount Kenya

From a distance, the three peaks are visible

All located towards the center of the mountain, so incredible

They appear as if they’re hanging from the heavens

White clouds surround them from all the angles of elevation

The clouds make the lower part of the mountain invisible

Some white matter is evident

It must be snow, I’m confident

A home to endless beasts

From the mountain originates River Tana one of our greatest streams

Endless tributaries flowing downstream in screams

Providing over fifty percent of our electric power

Offering water to over a million people …

And a home to endless sea-life, hippos and crocodiles

This is our home

Proudly Kenyan


night watch


It’s like a jungle

all we do is hustle

all we do is struggle

playing a bugle

we be like strangers as we mingle

hoping not to strangle

sharing jokes as we giggle

Food prices be high so we haggle

Perfecting the art so we smuggle

our ears on the police so they wiggle

Nights so cold and our bodies tingle

As we look out for those who seek to burgle

Written and signed with a squiggle!


in a hundred words…


Life has a way of making or breaking us; I’ve been in its cruel mouth; chewed, screwed and left lying flat on my face; giving up was the only probable option. Though I’m still crawling, I’m glad I still have some spirit in me to scribble a few random thoughts on a napkin; though the words are still not flowing in my mouth; I acknowledge that I can open my mouth and in my mind there’s a traffic jam made of words; rhymes that are yet to be organized; stories yet to be told and poems yet to be scribbled …

the struggle continues


Until the day when I can proudly say that I am an African and never feel the pain of the stigmatization that comes with the name!

Until the day when they’ll understand the words coming out of my mouth without noticing my broken English

Until the day when Mr. Politician will stop selling us promises of prosperity yet our poverty grows

Until the day when we’ll stop blaming it on the government, the president and the rest

Until the day when our leaders will be held accountable for wrecking the economy

Until the day when we’ll truly know who we are by leading instead of following

Until the day when he that resists will not be condemned for seeking many questions

Until the day when I won’t be threatened for putting this in my fables

Until the day when we do something great today instead of waiting for tomorrow

Until that day … Our struggle continues!

And my heart cries for a peaceful Kenya


Baby gal..

When I look in your eyes I see stars
It’s me and you against the world
Baby it’s in the signs
And anything you want you can get it … daddy’s getting it done
You the reason why I keep the hundreds under the ones
And go through rain sleet and snow to kiss the sun

I surrender

to the Garden


I give up all my own plans and purposes,

My desires and hopes

I give myself, my life, and my all,

Wholeheartedly devoted to you

To be yours and yours forever

I accept your will for my life.


Behold … All things new!

god is real

I have a dream

In my dreams I dream of a place

Existing beyond the dimensions of both time and space


A place where actions don’t have consequences

And the choices don’t have repercussions

A place to which alone, no one can travel

Yet there exists a way


A place where there’s no more suffering

And there’s no more pain and affliction

A place where death doesn’t reside

Where tears are never shed

And no one ever bleeds


A place where we will neither marry,

Nor be given in marriage,

But we’ll be like the angels


Yes; I wanna go to that place

Where the family never gets hungry

Where nobody ever get sick

And the bodies never get weak

Where no children are born

Where nobody ever gets old

And the weather never gets cold


Yes, I have heard of a place

Where there is no sun

No moon and no sky

A place where there is no darkness

A place where everything is bright

And the ruler is the source light


Help me out; I’m looking for that place!

Where all that dwells is peace

And everyone’s heart is at ease


Who knows of that place?

Where the sun never gets hot

And the rivers never get dry

Where no one ever gets thirsty

And the weather never gets nasty

And the life is never hasty



Who has heard of that place?

That is governed by a spiritual rule

And only the spiritual beings dwell


Tell me, I want to know of that place

Where the Most high has established his throne

And the heavenly beings sing, dance and celebrate … all … day … long


Yes, I wanna know the means

Show me the way to that place

Point me to that direction


Let my lips taste of its water

Let my nose smell of its air

Let my ears listen to its music

Let my feet dance of it melody

Let my eyes see of its splendor

Let my fingers touch of it flowers

So soft and so tender

Let my feet step on its path


I dream of dwelling in that place

Show me how

How to get this skeptical mind of mine to believe

And let this treacherous heart to perceive


How to get this doubting brain to conceive

How to let this trembling spirit to receive


Yes I wanna go to that place; that place where no one can imagine what it’s like,

I wanna see that place; just like I read about it; that it will exceed our wildest imaginations.

I dream of the day that that place; will be revealed to each of us in glory

And he who is sited on the throne will say

Behold I am making all things NEW!


He’s not dead

god is real


Forgive me for asking but how can you tell me that my God is dead?

Yet if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be me …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

When I’m made in his image and likeness …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

Yet before I was born he knew me, he consecrated me, set me apart …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

When I can do all things through him who strengthen me …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

When he provides for all my needs according to his riches in glory …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

When I spoke to him in the morning …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

When his word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path …

How can you tell me that my God is dead?

When clearly, you know nothing about my relationship with him!!

But then you ask, how do I know that God’s not dead yet all I’m telling you is all that he has done for me?

But I know that God’s not dead, because of what he has done for you

I know that God’s not dead

Because he wants all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth

I know that God’s not dead

Because if you confess your sins, he is faithful and just to forgive you and to purify you from all unrighteousness

I know that God’s not dead

And he has shown his love in that, while we were still sinners Christ died for us!

Can’t put God in a box on a cross, in the sea for God is everything even you and me Hold on to this idea: There is none besides He all else is fantasy illusions we create to define that which cannot be contained in churches, temples, mosques not the forest or the sea even […]

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