If this is truly a dream
Then I don’t wanna wake up
Cos if I’m ever free
It’s only in my dreams
Only there I’m I poor bastard
That has so much to offer
Its only there that this pain stops
And I get to really live
Its only there that
I get to meet my private self
I get to see the child inside me dance
I get to ride wild horses
So let me and my dreams be,
Cos it does me more good than I’d ever say
It helps me live
It makes my broken heart whole
It seals my wounds
It covers all my scars
But I never forget
This is just but a temporary loan



As they sing, I wonder

Early in the morn’
As they hang on trees
In the still freezing temperatures
You can hear ’em chant their tones
And ryhme in their choruses

Do they moan
Or do they yawn?
Do they cry out to their own?
Do they give thanks for a new dawn?
Do they embrace themselves for the unknown?

Do they praise or do they plead?
Do they seek to be led?
Or do they express their need ..
In readiness for the day ahead?
Do they cry out to their God for their daily bread?

I’m trying


I am capable of anything and everything

I only need to put my mind to it

My days are full of daydreams and optimism

I desire to see things adjust in a health manner

I try to keep up but it ain’t painless

I hope that he sees that I am trying


Got issues

Peter in Denial of Jesus Image from jesuit.org.sg

I see my team looking up to me

I appear to them akin to all the answers, yet

I have no influence in my county irrespective of how many committees I join

I pine to be in front of the ruler

I desire to chant for the emperor

I advance to this experience in the future

I motivate the ordinary to do the extraordinary

I aim at getting the little things right

I hope that ultimately the big picture will improve

I weep that my that I’m running out of time



To you I yearn to be united,

Glued and linked as tight as it gets for as long as I live

I aim at knowing what you know

Going where you go

Often times I look at you and I am taken away

And the knowledge of your love blows me away

Sometimes I pace away

Sometimes I gape away

I am lost in the memories that flow

Knowing that I am nothing without you

Cos all I have is all from you

And all I want is all of you

One day

… Soon … perhaps sooner than later

I know you’re coming for me …


Pen ..

This is for all the times …

I let you push me around

I let you keep me down

I listened to you lies

I watched as you walked all over me

I made excuses for your conduct

I was afraid to make a single sound

I cried myself to sleep

I failed to clean out my closet

I was terrified to let you down

I broke my neck to give you perfectness

I wasted over half my life pleasing you


This is for all the times …

You said I’ll never make it

You said that I’ll never amount to anything

You told me to keep my mouth shut

You had my back up against the wall

You fed my fears and let them control me

You filled my stomach with butterflies

You put your hands on me

You stripped me of all confidence

You gave me nightmares

You wrote a list of those who matter but left me


Here I am and I will not run

Everything I was afraid to say I’m not afraid to say no more

Though my faith is riding on a string

I know it’s not too late for me to start over

The rage is gone and your lights are out

I’ve made a tight rope out of twine

Funny thing though, I don’t hate you

My shoulders no longer carry your weight

I’ve forgiven you

But I did it for me!



If only the our brains had a reset button

One that you can press and erase em

You know, the bad memories

The shadows of your mistakes

The grief’s of yester days

Maybe then tomorrow can be the morning after

Maybe then one can say goodbye to the grief

Maybe then one can breathe a sigh of relief


We’re here


Looking back

From where we’re from

The reality is clear

We’re here

Cos you made a way!


Our backs were on the wall

We had thoughts of quiting

Keeping the faith was hard

But we’re here

Cos you made a way!


We opted not to stop

Never running away from the combat

Now we’re celebrting

And we’re here

Cos you made a way!



3 simple words

This thing called Love …

Simon Muchendu’s Blog


Is it an infection that infects you?

Or maybe it’s a parasite that bites you

Is it in the air that we breath?

Or maybe we swallow it while we eat

I wonder if it’s a plague that hits you

It’s more like a fist that hits you

Cos it hurts whether its right or wrong!

It makes you miserable yet it’s beautiful

It makes you go crazy yet feel amazing

Can be as simple as 3 words

Or as complicated as the universe itself

This thing called love…


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