What if?

All I do is visualize things
Some that I have accomplished
Some that are partially achieved
Some that I still strive for
Some that I share with others
Some that were never mine yet I strive to reach ‘em
Some that are skewed if not weird.
Some that give me nightmares

So that’s it ….

But what if …

What if I view the world using a different spectrum?
What if I end up missing the things that are blindingly obvious to everyone
Better yet, what if I see things that every other person misses
Would you still call me a dreamer?

I had a dream

In my dreams life’s a book

Plain on the outside

Blank on the inside

With pages yet to be scripted

Our life’s the headline

So as we walk in the sunshine

Each one of lays out their storyline

Daily we write and lay out an outline

Our choices marks our lifeline

Every day’s like a new page

With it we set a new stage

Some can’t let go of their past age

Others worry about the future age

Mainly missing the present age

It’s all about grabbing each opportunity

So to fill this lil gap I saw in my society

I’m putting in my two cents of sobriety

Living my life like a pen from sun city

Shinning now cos soon this sun will set

Writing my story through songs and poems

I seek no political power

Just lyrical power

Armed with a mission is to inspire

To right some wrongs is what I desire

Do up until the last page of this column

When I’ll have to put this pen down

Kids …

Daily you look at ’em
And wonder about ’em
What will they be
How will they turn out?

You strive to teach ’em
You endevour to mould ’em
In your own way you shield ’em
Cos all you can do is love ’em

Your children learn by modeling you
Your behavior teach ’em more than your words
So show em, don’t just tell em
It’s the only way to real and lasting impact


An old man once said that life is short
From then I chose to pay more attention
So I set myself on a quest to learn
I’m learning that I have so much to learn

I’m loud where I should be quiet
And quiet when I should be loud
I’m my own quantum of solace
So I’m learning how to whisper

When I have nothing to say
I’d rather just stay quiet
Maybe that’s what it means being an introvert
So I’m learning to be myself

I have a problem with trust
So how can I trust you?
When I don’t trust me!
So I’m learning to trust in God

Heaven, a hug please

Out of the desire to create a mastermind
My mind is ever on the grind
Unending thoughts keep on rushing
I’m always visualizing
So I keep communication lines between my brain and my pen open
I desire and hope that perfect sentences will simply flow
But today …
My brain’s overwhelmed
My body’s exhausted
My strength’s all but faded
Dear Lord give me rest
Heaven I need a hug

Lost faith

He looks up to a blank a ceiling
Alone, a bright corner, a dark room
A lil colder, a lil shivering n a lil mumbling
His eyes just won’t close
His brain just won’t let him be
Thoughts, fears, worries compete
A dance of troubled dragons
’til the break of dawn
His mind is ever looking over his shoulders
So in his search peace of mind
He buries his fears on white napkins
This way he finds a place to spend his quiet nights,
A place where he can drink liquor and calm down his bickering brain!
This creates a setting for him to unwind
His pen and white napkins take him to a place where life is a lil easy
Allows him to let go of the pressures of life
Against all odds, though life is hard he carries on
His tears flow on blank sheets
somehow he rises over his mess and resolves not to quit
As the sun rises he believes, so he can achieve
He smiles
Then the calls start rolling in … bills, lenders, chaos
Is he a victim of things he did to maintain, he wonders
And his faith is lost again!


In God I believe


I have always been a believer
believerin a truine God
Even in my darkest hour
Or when clothed in tangible fear
Through and through in my despair
I still believe!
There’s been occasions
More like seasons (if you think about it)
When I struggled with doubts
And my faith was shaken to it’s core
I still knew with absolute certainty
That God was lovingly present in my life
I accept that life is in it’s own way unfair
Still waters can be elusive
But still my belief in a just God
Remains unwavering
To me denying God’s existence …
Translates to denying my own existence


They are people; just like us with
Mothers just like
Fathers, just like us
Brothers and sisters, just like us
Born in this country, just like us
They hope to be free, just like us
With dreams, to reach for the stars, just like us
With wishes, that their children will grow up without scars, just like us
So it doesn’t matter where they come from, they’re just like us
Whether they be rich or poor, they’re just like us
So before you point that finger
Before you post that tribal comment on Facebook
Before you throw that stone
Be sure to remember
Before our backgrounds and our differences

Run out of words

Today, I’ve run out of words
Ironic, my passion’s playing with words
Simply put, they’re my drug of choice
They feed this addiction
So how many words do I need?
What number’s enough?
How many sentences are convincing?
To confess of my love …
How do I open my heart?
Declare that I’m love stuck
Show you that I’m consumed?
If I say I love you
My heart craves to say more
The hairs in my body thrive for a touch
Should just smile?
Will it show my attraction?
Will it spark a connection?
Should I learn another language?
The three I know are not enough
I seem to have consumed all their words!
How else can I say this?
This craving drives me crazy!
I’m drowning in love!
Maybe I should just be quiet
Will that be confusing
Cos even in my silence
My heart whispers a prayer for you

God for a day

If you were God for a day

Would you make a world like this?

One where everything needs everything else

One where we all enter innocent

… bloody

… blameless and clueless


Would you create man …

Forty weeks in the making

Nine months undertaking

Would you give man so much freedom?

Bestow him with free will

Free to the extent that he can choose …

To believe in you

… Or not

Free enough to reject you

… to your face

Free to a point of being selfish

… man eat man society

Where the rich gets richer

And the poor man has no one to feed him


Would you make rivers flow

… from mountains downstream

Only for man to polute them

Deposit industrial waste in your streams

Then place the blame on you

… for cholera, typhoid, dysentery 

for all his poor choices

… the consequences


If you were God for a day

Would the devil freely roam?

Would hurricanes be

How about earthquakes

… landslides

… farmine

… deseases

… drought


Would you give you own life

For an evil generation?

See your own creation crucify you like a crook

Like a sheep watch ’em lead you to the slaughter

Despice you, reject you, esteem you not?

Would you be wounded for their crimes?

Crushed for their iniquities

Labelled a man of sorrows


Would you call them your children?

Friends maybe?

Branches stemming from you?

Justified and redeemed?

More than conquerors?

Heirs with you son?

Would you call them saints?

A new creation?

Holy and blameless?

If you were God for a day

Would you save mankind?